Understanding the Necessity for a Tax Lawyer


Whether you have unpaid taxes, are facing a potential tax audit or are dealing with criminal tax, it is essential that you obtain a highly skilled legal representative. Goldman Gantenbein, LLC offers a level of devotion and care to each client that is often unheard of in the legal community. Aggressive and dedicated to seeing the best possible results come from their efforts, the Colorado tax lawyers will not relent until the case comes to an end. Lead attorney, Scott Goldman, has a broad knowledge of various tax laws in Colorado and federal laws as well, which gives him an upper hand both in and out of the court room.

Safeguarding Your Rights

The IRS has a high success rate of 90% when it comes to prosecuting criminal tax cases and they perform millions of audits each year denoting that they are extremely powerful. It can be nearly impossible to go up against them without the help of a competent lawyer. Each member of the legal team at the firm makes it their goal to create an easier life for you by handling the IRS so you do not have to. Protecting your rights and giving you the attention your case deserves, you can rest easier knowing that you will not be taken advantage of by the federal or state government’s tax system. Complicated and difficult to understand, tax forms and paperwork can often trap individuals and businesses into paying exorbitant amounts of money. With the assistance of a qualified tax attorney, this does not have to be the case. Solutions such as a collection due process or an offer in compromise can provide the relief that you need to get back on your feet and out from under the pressure of the IRS.

Returning Calls Within 24 Hours!

Placing their relationship with you as the client as a top priority, they desire to make you feel welcome and at ease throughout the legal process. Always making sure to return emails and phone calls within one business day, you can be certain that you will not fall to the wayside. It is truly their desire to make your life simpler so that you can focus your attention on more important things. Upfront with their plan for your case so that you are not surprised by anything along the way, you can expect an unparalleled level of care and attention when speaking with their legal team. 

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