Drug Cases Statistics for 2018

The use of drugs and drugs abuse is an issue of significant concern around the world. Avoiding the abuse of drugs should be priority to every person, especially in the United States, solely because of the amount of destruction that has in one way or another been caused by the usage of drugs.

Drugs can ruin lives – they can tear apart families, cause you to lose your job, and even bring you to a standstill in your life. If you have found yourself facing a drug charge and you need help, it is essential to reach out to a drug lawyer in Oklahoma City if you are located in Oklahoma. If you are not, you want to find a drug lawyer near you.

Drug cases statistics also show that some new patterns of drug abuse are emerging, and it shows that the already high amount of drug use threatens to escalate this scourge. The following are some of the 2018 statistics for drug cases, as you can see, they paint a bleak and horrific picture.

Drug Cases and Statistics for 2018

It is only mid-2018, and the National Institute of Drugs Abuse (NIDA) estimates that the US government alone has spent up to $300 billion in dealing with the drug cases. The same institute also shows that 20 million Americans are addicted to either drugs or alcohol. This considerable number just indicates the menace of drugs abuse in the US.

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Most Addicting Drugs in 2018

You cannot mention drug cases without mentioning the issue of addiction. This is a monster that has changed once responsible members of the society to zombies. It is also a fact that some drugs are more addictive than others. The National Institute on Drugs Abuse released a report that revealed that more than 8% of Americans are addicted to different substances.

The following are some of the most addictive drugs according to 2018 statistics. They are ranked from the most addictive to the least addictive, and it is also good to note that this list includes only drugs. They include:

– Cocaine

– Heroin

– Alcohol

– Nicotine

– Methamphetamines

2018 Statistics for Drug Cases – Prescription Drugs

The statistics on the use of prescription drugs also show a definite increase. The abuse of opioid, for example, has been widely reported as a potential national crisis. It is also much harder to regulate this abuse of prescription drugs since they are legal. Adderall is also another drug that has been abused widely.

Statistics by NIDA indicate that approximately 20% of the US population has at one time used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons. Among teenagers and young adults, 1 in 12 has abused prescription drugs at one point in their lives.

Drugs Cases Among Genders

Scientists studying the effects of drugs abuse among women and men have discovered a number of varying effects in women and men. Some of the differences in the effects of drugs in men and women include:

– Women need more amounts of drugs to achieve the same impact compared to men.

– Sexual hormones make women more sensitive, and they’re more likely to get side effects such as depression and anxiety.

When it comes to numbers, one thing that is a fact is the number of women drug abusers continues to grow. As it stands, about 3.8% of women in the US have abused drugs at one point in their life. Women who also abuse drugs also have more chances of having cases of stillbirths. These are some of the stats on drugs abuse, and they help paint the picture of the monster of drugs.

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