Round One Challenge

Round One: Fandom at its Finest

Overall Theme:  Fandom is a strong part of nerdcore hip hop.  We all have our favorite movies, book series, comics, video games, etc.  As such, the first round of VPC III will be about that very fandom.  This challenge will involve you all playing in your favorite sandboxes.  Enjoy.

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VPC III Contest Dates

VPC III Contest Dates

Round 1 Challenge: Sept 15th - October 5th

Round 2 Challenge: October 6th - October 26th
Round 3 Challenge: October 27th - November 16th
Round 4 Challenge: November 17th - December 7th
Round 5 Challenge: December 8th - January 5th

Judging and public voting occurs the week following the end of each round.

Round 1 Winner Announcement: October 13th
Round 2 Winner Announcement: November 3rd
Round 3 Winner Announcement: November 24th
Round 4 Winner Announcement: December 15th
Round 5 Winner Announcement: January 12th

VPC III Winner Announcement: January 12th

Rules and Regulations of the Vocalist/Producer Challenge III

Rules and Regulations of the Vocalist/Producer Challenge III

1.    Team Definition and Roles

  • A team is comprised of one vocalist and one producer
  • The team must remain the same members through the entirety of the competition
  • The team must remain in the same roles through the entire competition, you cannot swap roles mid-competition
  • The tracks must only feature members of that team unless otherwise stated.
  • The producer is responsible for track production and final mixing
  • The vocalist is responsible for lyrical content and delivery*
      *the producer may “hype” (i.e. dubs, intros, shout outs) through the track
      *the producer may join the vocalist on the chorus

2.    Specific Production Guidelines

  • Production can be samples, live instrumentation, synths, digital constructions, or a cappella (i.e. beatboxing) or any combination there-of; unless otherwise stated in a round challenge
  • No plagiarism*
     *Samples can be used but no straight beat theft
  •  All production, mixing, and mastering must be performed by producer
  • All production must meet requirements of round challenge to be eligible for voting/scoring on that round
  • All production or the track must be initiated after the announcement of that round begins*
      *No already released content will be accepted
      *No already completed productions prior to round start will be accepted

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Q: So can the producer sing/rap on the hook?

A: Yes.  As long as the lyrics/melody are developed by the vocalist the producer CAN sing/rap on the hook, however, there must be strong (50% or more) representation of the vocalist on the hook (unless otherwise stated on the round challenge)

Q: Can we have more than 2 team members?  Can it be one member that produces AND raps?

A: No.

Q: What about sample hooks?

A: Sample hooks are allowed.

Q: Do those samples have to be cleared?

A: No, they do not.

Q: Can we do covers?

A: No (unless otherwise specified by the round objectives.)

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All We Do Is Rip by [SiTH] Clan
From the debut album The Beta

Shot by DJ
on location at Gamesturz inc.

Starting fresh

Without a doubt 2013 was an extremely difficult year for Nerdcore Now. For that matter myself. My life had taken many turns in which I was forced to re-prioritize. Finding the time to balance life along with updating Nerdcore Now became near impossible. So for months the website has sat idle. From what started off as a massively popular year (100K + page views in January 2013)  ended in a abysmal slump.

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